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    mikhail sex
    Former Russian PM Mikhail Kasyanov Filmed In SEX Sting With Scantily Clad Brit Natalya Pelevine

    [fvplayer src=””] Former Russian PM filmed in Moscow sex sting with scantily-clad British activist grainy bedroom footage Mikhail Kasyanov sex sting with British activist’. [fvplayer src=””] One of Vladimir Putin’s most prominent rivals has been filmed in a sex sting, with a British woman who is also a leading opposition campaigner. Grainy bedroom footage purports […]

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    Video Shows Wal-Mart Store Cashier Mimic Voices of Characters From Scooby-Doo

    [fvplayer src=””] The video uploaded on YouTube shows the cashier mimicking the voices of the Great Dane Scooby-Doo and teenager Norville “Shaggy” Rogers from the “Scooby-Doo” franchise as he serves a customer. He said I’ve never been good at small talk. It’s like I only know two ways to do it: either I get way too […]

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    hottest weather girl
    World’s hottest weather girl Susana Almeida has unfortunate wardrobe malfunction

    World’s hottest weather girl’ has unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.   A Mexican weather reporter has gone viral after she experienced an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction live on air. Susana Almeida, a presenter on 4 Televisa Guadalajara, was performing her day job when eagle-eyed viewers spotted her trousers had given her a camel toe. However the beautiful brunette […]

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    Laughing youths filmed ‘dragging endangered sea turtle from back of car before killing it’

    [fvplayer src=””] Cruel Youths Drag Helpless Endangered turtle by moving car. The huge sea creature, anything up to 100 years old, is turned on its back, flippers tied and then dragged along by the vehicle to await its grisly fate. These awful scenes have sickened conservationists and animal welfare campaigners after they emerged on social […]

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    ww1 cry
    Normandy Surviving D-Day(full documentary)HD

    (Normandy Surviving D-Day Documentary) Five years into World War II, the future of Europe hangs in the balance, as 34,000 US soldiers embark on a mission to launch the biggest attack ever from sea. This fascinating documentary, interviews the soldiers who fought at Omaha, recalling their experiences as they approached the shore line under intense […]

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    Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke

    [fvplayer src=””] In this exclusive web version, James Corden and Jennifer Lopez carpool to CBS singing some of her most popular tracks before James takes Jennifer’s phone and sends a text to Leonardo DiCaprio. Watch Jennifer Lopez in the Shades of Blue season finale this Thursday March 31st on NBC, and the American Idol series […]