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    Crocodile scaled fence with ease before plunging four metres down to water

     The shocking moment a crocodile managed to scale a 4ft fence – before diving down into a lake in India. The massive predator scaled the metal barrier with ease before plunging four metres down into the water below in the Boondi district of Rajasthan. [fvplayer src=””] Photographer Ram Kishan captured the moment on his phone […]

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    North Korea ‘Ultimatum’ video of missile attack on Seoul

    [fvplayer src=””] North Korea have released a video on an official government website titled ‘If rejected the ultimatum’ showing a mock military attack on Seoul, South Korea. An official North Korean website has released a new propaganda video portraying a multiple rocket attack on South Korea’s presidential Blue House and other government buildings in Seoul. […]

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    mystery giant creature swimming in the River Thames by the O2

    [fvplayer src=””] VIDEO: What is this mystery giant creature ‘swimming’ in the River Thames by the O2? The footage appears to show a dark object rise up from the murky waters momentarily before ducking back down again This footage appears to show a mysterious giant creature ‘swimming’ in the River Thames. In the video a […]

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    life of a poor boy
    Care worker leads Nigerian orphans to sing ‘Heal the World

    [fvplayer src=””] Incredible recovery of the Nigerian ‘witch child’ who was left for dead by his parents: Care worker reveals pictures of fighting fit two-year-old after heart-breaking image shocked the world Hope was left for dead by his family because they thought he was a witch Toddler was found emaciated and riddled with worms by […]

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    4th impact 333
    Are X Factor 2015 Finalist 4th Impact About To Announce Record Deal?

    The X Factor UK 2015 finalist 4th Impact is currently back in their home country Philippines for a vacation after their pretty hectic schedule in “The X Factor live tour. While Filipino sisters Irene, Mylene, Celina and Almira are still mum about their most awaited first album, will the girls finally announce a record deal […]

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    jackie chan
    Indian Choreographer Farah Khan Shares Photos With Actor Jackie Chan on Social Media

    [fvplayer src=””] Farah Khan shared an photo of herself and Jackie Chan on her social accounts captioned “The King of action can dance n how!! Changing his name 2 Jackie Jackson!!” Chan was shooting for “Kung Fu Yoga in India.” Ace choreographer and filmmaker Farah Khan, who choreographed Jackie Chan for a song sequence in […]

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    The Baby Boss Has Arrived

    [fvplayer src=””] tWitch and Allison have a new bundle of joy, and Ellen DeGeneres has your first look!

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    fighter jet shot down
    Video: War plane shot down and the pilot captured alive

    [fvplayer src=””] A fighter jet shot down in Syria and the unidentified pilot was taken hostage alive by the group – an al-Qaeda offshoot – with graphic footage of his bloodied face shared by rebels on social media. [fvplayer src=””] The aircraft was struck as it was flying south of Aleppo where insurgents are fighting […]

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    british army fire flares
    British army deploy flares during night training in stunning video

    [fvplayer src=””] The Royal Logistics Corp are shown how to use trip flares in the Jordanian desert near the base where exercise Shamal Storm is taking place. The British Army is currently staging its biggest overseas military training exercise in more than 15 years. Around 1,600 troops are taking part in ‘Exercise Shamal Storm’ in […]